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Kalisz wafers in boxes

Kalisz wafers are yet another (after Wielkopolska fried cheese, St. Martin’s rollbread and Heather Honey from Lower Silesian woodlands) Polish product registered in EU as the Protected Geographical Indication

  • Kalisz wafers, in boxes of 20 pieces (2 packs -10 pieces each)
  • net price per pack 6,20 netto + 8% Vat
  • master package 15 cartons
  • 50 cartons on the pallet

Distinctive features:

    • shape- round, diameter approx. 15-17 cm
    • colour- subtle differences in the hue of each and every sheet Colour- from ecru to light brown
    • thickness- approx. 1 mm
    • taste- slightly sweet, leaving the trace of sweetness in the mounth
    • crunchiness- very thin, higroscopic wafer: proper baking and storage assures exceptional crunchiness

Contents: wheat flour, vegetable oil, water, sugar.

Final consumption date is 6 months.

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