Kopernika 15/1, Kalisz, Poland  +48 604 54 92 08

Kalish waffles

Confectionery, baked without yeast. The product does not contain preservatives, artificial fragrances or food colouring agents.

  • Kalisz waffles are packed in translucent foil – 9 items per pack
  • net price per pack (100 grams) 2.50 PLN net + 23% VAT
  • three types: coconut, sesame, sweet
  • packaging: 32 packs in a master pack carton or in Mix packaging 12 sweet, 10 coconut, 10 sesame

The dough for waffles is baked non-automatically in the temperature 150-180 degrees Celsius for about 4 minutes. The final product gains unique taste and relatively long shelf life (9 months).

Flavoured waffles are great snacks, also for children. They can be served sweet (with honey, preserves, whipped cream and fruit), or without any extras.

Final consumption date is nine months.

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